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Protection of the forest from pests and diseases is one of the main sections of forest protection

The forestry enterprise has established a system of forest pathology monitoring for timely detection of plantings with poor sanitary conditions:

- reconnaissance surveillance network

- detailed supervision network

- pheromone entomonitoring network

Forest protection measures for 2020 were implemented in the following volumes:

- reconnaissance surveillance was carried out on an area of 4,554. 0 hectares

- current forest pathology survey – 36,200 ha;

- biological control methods were carried out on an area of 6,400 hectares by making artificial nests;

- pheromone entomonitoring on an area of 64,360 hectares.

- detailed supervision was carried out on permanent route routes, there were 6 of them in total on the Gomel GPLHO.

Ground-based chemical control methods in plantings in 2020 were carried out on an area of 71 hectares. Chemical control measures in nurseries, due to the need for them, were carried out in 2020 on an area of 33.4 hectares. When planting seed compartments in nurseries (greenhouses), seeds in the amount of 1,495 kg of coniferous species and 2,035 kg of hard-leaved species (oak) are treated with a mordant for preventive purposes and to destroy pathogens of fungal diseases and insects. Preventive seed treatments are aimed at preventing the possible lodging of pine and spruce from fusariosis.

The area of foci of pests and diseases of the forest as of 01.01.2021 is 42,423. 4 hectares, including:

- forest diseases – 40787.6 ha

- pests – 1635.8 ha.


In 2020, there was an extremely difficult fire situation, which was characterized by high forest burning, the emergence and development of forest fires in large areas. During the period of high and extreme danger, on the recommendation of forestry organizations, local executive and administrative bodies imposed bans on visiting forests. The measures taken made it possible to manage the current situation and minimize the consequences of forest fires.

During the fire season of 2020, 286 cases of forest fires were recorded on the territory of the forest fund of the Gomel State Industrial Forestry Association, which spread over an area of 3582.2 hectares, which is significantly higher than the level of the corresponding period of previous years. The first forest fire in the current season in the territory of the region was recorded on 18.03.2020 in the state specialized forestry institution "Chechersky special forestry".

The largest number of forest fires was registered in Kalinkovichi 29 cases – 179.9 ha, Zhitkovichi 25 cases-426.1 ha, 22 cases were recorded in Vasilevichi – 41.1 ha, Yelsky – 69.3 ha and Rechitsky experimental – 29.5 ha forestry enterprises. In Lelchytsia forestry, 11 forest fires were recorded, the total area covered by the fire was 1669.4 hectares.


In accordance with the Regulation on the procedure for investigating the causes of the occurrence and spread of forest fires, their accounting, approved by the order of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus of May 17, 2018. In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedure for Investigating the Causes of forest fires, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of August 23, 2001, officials who fail to ensure timely detection, extinguishing, and timely provision of information on emergency situations were brought to disciplinary responsibility for each case of large forest fires. No. 1280 "On the procedure for collecting information in the field of protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies and the exchange of this information".

In order to work more effectively in identifying violations of forest and environmental legislation, forestry agencies use 262 units of photo and video recording equipment. In 2020, 144 violators were caught in the lens of the photo traps, 142 of which were brought to administrative responsibility by the forestry enterprises, the rest of the materials were transferred to the police department.The State Forest Protection revealed 626 violations of forest and environmental legislation (260 protocols were drawn up and 366 decisions on the imposition of administrative penalties were issued).

For violation of fire safety rules under Article 15.29, 260 violators were brought to justice, including 102 violators with the use of photo and video recording traps.

The state forestry institutions of the Gomel State Production Association have implemented a Comprehensive Program for preparing for the 2020 Fire Season, approved by Order No. 306 of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus of December 10, 2019 "On the results of the 2019 fire season and tasks for the 2020 fire season".

In the task for the device of mineralized strips 18947 km. completed 21985 km, clearing and maintenance of n/a gaps 900 km. In fact, 1,294 km, the plan for the maintenance of mineralized strips is 49,394 km. in fact, 53632 km, repair of fire-fighting roads with a plan of 113.9 km is actually 238.28 km.



In 2020, the forestry enterprises of the region purchased 10 motor pumps, 272 knapsack forest fire extinguishers, 5420 linear meters of fire pressure hoses, serviced 571 communication equipment and installed 23 video surveillance systems for the forest.

Currently, the state forestry institutions of the Gomel region are conducting readiness reviews of the state forest protection for readiness for the fire season of 2021.In 2020, the Forest Protection organized 562 media appearances, 13 radio and television appearances. In addition, 72 thousand leaflets on fire-fighting topics were distributed, 410 lectures and reports were read, 42.5 thousand conversations with local residents were held (courtyard bypass).